Client testimonials

Interested in working with us? Then don't just take our word that we create fantastic content, read some of the great testimonials we have received from happy clients.

Paul Domenet Johnny Fearless
Well the big day has finally dawned and I really can't thank you enough for your tireless efforts to make this happen. From the very first meeting when you showed such a brilliant grasp of what we were trying to achieve through the beyond-the-call-of-duty work to build this thing, you and your team have been fantastic. A suitable reward would be for Be The Net to be the success it deserves to be. Never has 'we owe you a beer' been a more massive understatement. But we do and I look forward to doing so as soon as possible.
John Love Another Tongue
From the minute you meet the guys at Jozo you know you are in safe hands. They listen, they present and they turn your needs into fantastic ideas. We have worked on several projects with Jozo and each one has exceeded our expectations. There’s no ‘smoke and mirrors’, what Jon and his team say you will get you get. Support is second to none too with a rapid response to any questions you have.
Paul Burke Paul Burke Radio and TV
I'm a writer/producer based in London and I needed a website.  A mate recommended Jozo, "They're in Walsall".. Walsall???   "Trust me", he said, "They're the best in the country".  And how right he was.  They've built me a fantastic site.  Looks great and is so easy to use. Even for a complete halfwit like me. Jozo are a joy.  Great to work with, full of ideas and enthusiasm and very reasonably priced.  Sod London.  If this is what Walsall is like, I'm moving.
Louise Wilson Whitehouse Designers
I am probably the worst client you could have - no idea what I really want. I could not have got a better company to create a website for me. Jon is amazing - always on hand to help, answer questions and come up with perfect solutions in double quick time. He gets back to you immediately and really guides you through the whole process. I am delighted with the website they created for my business, their design is fantastic, their creativity second to none and their technical ability immense. Thank you Jozo Creative for a really fantastic job.
Sam Blears Love Bakery
I have worked with Jozo over the last few years and have always been very happy with their work and dedication to the projects I have been involved in. The team at Jozo are always there if I need to speak to them and offer total support and for me a lot of “hand holding”. All the projects have been completed on time and most importantly on budget. Their creativity and drive are amazing as is their goal of creating the correct brand and website to suit your needs and to fulfill your brief. I would recommend them without a qualm.
Tim Craig Radioville
Here at Radioville we pride ourselves on our originality. Which is why we completely nicked Paul Burke’s idea of getting Jozo to do our website. And we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that you nick our idea of nicking his idea, too. Right from the off, Jozo were bubbling with enthusiasm/ brilliant concepts, and not once through the whole process did they tell us our own stupid suggestions were stupid. OK, maybe once. Anyway, the upshot is we couldn’t be happier with the tone, the look or the functionality of the finished site. Now, if we can just remember to update the blog...